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​As a fully confirmed 'avoider of being photographed' I choose to be behind the lens; the one taking the shots. I'm much more comfortable there. It wasn't always like that though. I grew up in the 1970's in a family of avid hobbyist photographers and was constantly having my picture taken or being filmed on cine camera by my father...and they are embarrasing...all bowl hair cuts, big flares and awkward smiles but the quality of the pictures were always excellent...a natural curiosity into the world of photography was bound to happen at some point in my life. I think it was inevitable.


So, skipping forward several years (decades!), I have honed my self taught skills and am now in demand as a wedding photographer and operate in the beautiful Norfolk area.

I am a simple and very uncomplicated individual who understands on a very personal level that not everyone is comfortable in front of the lens, so I use my own inimitable style and easy going personality to try and make you forget that I'm even there whilst creating beautiful and very memorable pictures that will last forever. And you know works very well.

And just for the record, I managed to find a picture of me...that's me in the middle wondering who's pinched my camera!


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