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Well...what is it about me and social media and blogging? I keep promising myself that I'll update this, telling of my Super70 adventures in the world of photography, sharing hilarious stories of my escapades and what jobs I have gained and what I've done....yet I just can't seem to get around to updating this at all. So, once again, I'm going to try my best to get this updated at least every now and then.

It is difficult though. I have this huge sneaking suspicion that nobody reads it anyway...not even my wife!

It has been a little busy of late and I've been wedding crazy and have had the good fortune to attend some excellent weddings populated with totally lovely and quite bonkers people! But this is what keeps the whole business interesting to me; the people.

Some of the weddings have been completely crazy and, seemingly only by pure luck, all concerned have managed to get through to the end of the day and some have been so chilled out that I've almost forgotten that there's a wedding happening at all! I never know what is going to happen next and, over the last few years, I've learned that even those couples with the most military precision plans, Excel spreadsheets and 'sponsored by Tag Heur' timings find that it can all fall apart in the blink of an eye!

But hey; don't stress about it. It happens. It's a wedding. Full of people. All individually minded, strong willed and own agenda'd people. And we all know how difficult people can be to control, herd, steer and direct. But at the end of every wedding the day has turned out just fine, no matter what has been happening (lost Brides, missing brothers, uncontrollable and dissapearing children etc...)

Anyway...I will start to tell you more about each wedding, what happened, where it was and how it went.

And I have some corporate shoots to do too which are always good fun. Especially once the alcohol starts flowing! (the guests...not me!)

Thank you for reading and please do come day.

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