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a dedication to the wedding guest.....

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

I actually never went away really. I've been here all the time. Working. Busy. Avoiding admin and concentrating on the pictures.

However, it's about time I put pen to paper...errrr...finger to keyboard and wrote something interesting. As interesting as possible. Potentially interesting? Actually, not very interesting at all....but here it is!

My wedding photography season starts today. This evening actually. A nice easy wedding reception for a couple that got married in Italy. It's a shame that I wasn't invited to Italy to take thier actual wedding pictures....believe me, I offered to go!

So this evening I get to do the real fun bit though, the exciting bit at the end of the day where, as a photographer, I find you can relax a little, losen the collar button, breathe slower, cool down, grab a pint and's all fun in from here. The friendly guests (also happy that they can now drink and chill), the booze, the dancing (good and bad!), the willing participation to gurn, grin, pull faces, bust some extraordinary moves and throw shapes at the lens! Love it!

So I raise a glass (and a lens) to the hard working, hard drinking and fun loving guests who just want to party. Those that want to play and have fun. I love you. It makes those last few hours of an extremely hectic day a total pleasure!


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