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Quite busy really; thanks for asking.

It has been a seriously busy few months for Super70 Photography and the summer (that's the season, not the rubbish weather we're having!) has brought about several parties, a handful of weddings and a veritble variety pack of commercial based shoots.

Some of the commercial stuff has been fun and I've found myself out on a removals van for a fantastic business called Dyna Moves; shooting some action shots for thier new website, guesting in a call centre for some head-shots and website based action shots (also for thier new website) and having a nose around some nice houses whilst taking pictures for a local Estate Agent.

I have even managed to get out and rediscover my photography mojo with a few trips to the coast for sunset shots (uselss as the sun hid behind clouds on both occasions) and some shots from high up on Mousehold of the fireworks for the Lord Mayor's Parade. I realised that I'd been doing so much work that I hadn't got out with my camera for fun and these trips certainly helped.

Lots more to come with some new pictures that will be added during the week.

Thanks for reading.

(no spell check was used in the making of this....)

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